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About Nate

Nate's Muscle Market

Nate started off at an early age in martial arts and weight training. He joined the Marine Corps right out of high school to become the best of the best!

After his time in the Marines, he went right into the health and fitness industry. Working for Bally’s Total Fitness in sales and advancing quickly to sales manager. He soon realized his passion was in training and helping others to achieve their goals and forever changing their lives for the better. He became nationally certified through the American Council of Exercise (A.C.E.) in late 2000. Working for countless major gyms in the South Bay area, he realized he could maximize his potential by starting his own business: Body by Nate.
After many years of experience, Nate was sought-after for a fitness management position and to build a personal training team for Bodies in Motion in the Orange County area. Eventually, Nate evolved his business as Body Transformations, focusing on nutrition and training to optimize people’s fitness goals. Nate also teamed up with Max Muscle, becoming a manager of the store and refining his skills as a supplement specialist.
Now a veteran of the fitness game, he’s started Nate’s Muscle Market­—one of the few, true, hardcore nutrition stores—bringing his expertise to you, the customer!
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