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Top Products at Nate's Muscle Market

Visit Nate's Muscle Market, located in Rancho Palos Verdes, to get these exclusive products.

Please contact me if you have any questions about these popular products or if you'd like a custom plan built just for you that will achieve optimum health, power and fitness. We'll adjust the plan as you go to ensure that you'll meet your goals.

Nate's Muscle Market VIP Card
War Monger pre workout / high stim


(Pre Workout/High Stim)


WAR HAS BEGUN!! Destroy the Battlefield with a FURY that only a WAR MONGER can bring, Decimating Everything in your Path! This is the highest quality, most well-balanced pre-workout formula you will ever Experience.


- Mind Blowing, Mental Focus

- Skin tearing Pumps

- Unrelenting Stamina

- High Octane Energy

- Insane Strength

- ZERO Crash

IED Detonate pre workout non stim


(Pre Workout/Non Stim)


In the Peril’s of War, a Soldier must improvise to conquer his enemy! MUSCLE MARKET hands you the detonator! Squeeze the trigger and explode with MASSIVE PUMPS and VASCULARITY like you’ve never achieved before! This non-stimulated Pre-Workout is the Device to End all WarZ! This is IED DETONATE!

- Explosive Pumps
- Insane Vascularity
- Unrelenting Performance
- Zero Stimulants

Nate's Muscle Market Chemical Warfare


(High Stim Fat Burner)


In every war, in every battle…There are Survivors. These soldiers adapt to the chaos of their surroundings. Here and now is the time to retaliate. MUSCLE MARKET fights dirty! Unleashing Chemical WarfareTM tactics to incinerate entrenched body fat. Shredding the competition is our mission and we achieve this by any means necessary!

Here’s what you can expect:

- Increased Metabolism

- Heavy stimulant powerhouse

- Extreme focus & Mood enhancer

- Induces Thermogenesis

- Sustainable energy & Zero Crash

Nate's Muscle Market Hell Storm Inferno non stim fat burner


(Non Stim Fat Burner)


Muscle Market is SETTING THE WORLD ABLAZE with Hell Storm Inferno. We've built a MEGA dosed Incendiary formula that is sure the MELT stubborn Fat clean off your bones! The season for shredding is NOW! this is the STRONGEST stimulant free fat burner on the market today.

- Increased Metabolism 

- Burns fat as fuel

- Induces Thermogenesis 

- Zero Jitters & NO increased Heart rate

- Can be taken before bed

- Great for all warriors (Men & Women) 

Nate's Muscle Market Fallen BCAA/Recovery




RISE FROM THE ASHES OF BATTLE!!! FallenTM BCAA is the only post workout/recovery product capable of resurrecting a Fallen Soldier from the battlegrounds of all out WAR! Annihilate your workout and rise up from the ashes of destruction with the most loaded, anabolically enhanced post-workout in the industry today! We also added natural powerhouses in 5a Hydroxy Laxogenin and Epicatechin at their highest purity!

Here’s what you can expect:

- Micronized Delivery System for best absorption
- Anabolic Powerhouse (Muscle Building Formula)
- Electrolyte Enhanced to replenish muscles
- Complete Post workout recovery

Nate's Muscle Market War Frame Tactical joint & tissue recovery


(Joint & Tissue Recovery)


Most bodies crumble under the stress of battle. Until now, at MUSCLE MARKET, we have been working tirelessly to create the perfect Soldier. We created War FrameTM, fortified with a unique blend of New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet, complete Joint Complex and Essential Amino Acids to give the universal soldier the arsenal needed to withstand the crushing pressures that war deals. A Soldier who never rests until the dust settles and within his grasp, lies victory! This begins by enhancing your bones, soft tissues, and by optimizing growth hormone potential helping you to recover before your enemy, keeping you in the fight, giving you The Tactical Advantage!!! Are you ready to enhance your WAR FRAME?!?!

-Strengthens Joints & Connective tissue
-Nourishes Muscles to prevent muscle wasting*Enhanced with growth factors to stimulate cellular growth
*Can be taken before bed
*Great for all warriors (Men & Women)

Nate's Muscle Market Precision Blend



Precision Blend is made with premium Pasture Fed Whey Protein. This time-released, GMO-Free formula is sourced from pasture fed cows, untreated with antibiotics. With 31 grams of protein in each scoop, you can drink this protein shake to start your day, to fuel your workout, or replace a meal for up to 8 hours. Precision Blend has all the essential amino acids to aid in reaching your fitness and physique endeavors. This phenomenal tasting protein is designed to help keep you on track with your nutrition & fitness goals!

SMS Size Mass Strength weight gainers

SMS - Size. Mass. Strength. 

(Weight Gainer)


Probiotic organisms to increase radical digestive protein activity. LTP Micellar Casein protein combined high fraction whey and egg proteins. NO SOY Protein! Engineered for Maximum Anabolic, Androgenic and Anti-Catabolic Activity. Packed with Bioactive Protein Fractions and Peptide Sequences. Mass Building Complex Carbohydrates. And almost no simple sugars.

Sport formula multivitamin




Pills only absorb 10% - most is wasted. Powder vitamins absorb 100%. Why Sport Formula? Everything missing in food today. Raw Multivitamins, BCAA-Amino Acids, B Complex, Antioxidants, Digestive Enzymes, and more. Fresh like raw fruits and vegetables. Cold processed to maintain live enzyme function so your body is able to use all nutrients at the cell level. POWDER nutrients absorb fast and won't upset your stomach. Add to any drink or just pour under tongue, let melt and swallow -- natural flavor tastes great.

Testagen Ext natural test booster


(Natural Test Booster)


All-natural, potent blend of 13 targeted compounds that help maximize your natural free testosterone, increase sexual performance and protects the prostate.

Pure factors ultimate pro IGF



(Pro IGF)


Strength, Recovery, Energy. Naturally Derived Concentrated Growth Factors.

TNT Thermanite fat burner


(Fat Burner)


A true product of prodigy, Thermanite gives you new meeting to the flooded world of fat burners. With 712 milligrams of active power packed ingredients that target every angle possible to incinerate the most stubborn fat cells, it doesn't stop there. The perfect combination! Thermanite gives you an appetite suppressor, clean euphoric energy, assist and metabolism, and ignite your body into a thermogenic Powerhouse with no crash!


Here's what you can expect from Thermanite:

- Appetite suppressor

- Assist increased metabolism

- Clean euphoric energy

- Thermogenic igniter

- Fat incinerator


Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule 2 Times Daily. For optimal results take one capsule on an empty stomach 15 minutes prior to first meal and one capsule late afternoon between meals. Do not exceed more than 2 capsules in a 24-hour period. It is recommended not to consume within 4 hours of bedtime.

LX Laxoples muscle building


(Muscle Building)


For the first time ever, a product that performs in many unique ways through multiple Pathways to accelerate lean muscle volume isation and density. Laxoplex has the ability to increase protein synthesis in excess of 200%, balance cortisol, regenerate and repair broken down muscle cells, and provide anti-inflammation benefits for lean mass all without a moral influence. This means no unwanted side effects such as internal toxicity, excess estrogen, and no PCT needed which makes it an excellent choice for men or women.

- Lean mass and strength

- Non-hormonal

- Increased protein synthesis

- Balance cortisol

- Muscle cell regeneration

- No PCT needed

Suggested use: Take 2 capsules daily for optimal results. Do not exceed more than 3 capsules in a 24-hour period. Do not use for more than 12 weeks without a four-week break between Cycles.

OX Omnadex muscle building


(Muscle Building)


Genetics play a crucial role when it comes to the body's performance. There are certain factors that limit the ability of performance from stamina and endurance to muscle fatigue and limited growth. One key factor in limiting these abilities is known as myostatin, a protein produced and released by myocytes in the body that act on muscle cells to inhibit growth. Unfortunately, this means putting a barrier on muscle growth while some individuals released more and some less affecting everyone's growth rate differently, Omnadex's formula utilizes a key ingredient known as epicatechin, a flavanol and Powerful antioxidant found in plants such as green tea and cocoa that is thought to help inhibit myostatin. Omnadex brings together a synergistic combination to supercharge your body's own abilities.

- Helps inhibit myostatin

- Increased vasodilation

- Increased endurance

- Support lean mass and strength

- Promotes rapid recovery

- Anabolic antioxidant

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule two times daily for optimal results. Do not exceed 3 capsules in a 24 hour period and do not use for more than 8 weeks without a four-week break between Cycles.

Revitastane PCT




All of us know the "crash feeling" you get after our bodies have been flooded with hormone stimulants and then levels to start to decline after we stop. We feel tired, irritated, soft, decreased libido, and our strength plummets. Here is a super blend of ingredients that Target every problem associated with post cycle.

- Powerful anti estrogen

- Cortisol blocker

- Natural testosterone booster

- Increased libido

- Mood enhancer


Suggested use: Take 2 capsules daily at 8 hour intervals for optimal results. Do not exceed 4 capsules in a 24-hour period.

PM Tranquil sleep and recovery


(Sleep & Recovery)


Tranquil PM is considered the missing piece of the puzzle and an often overlooked factor when it comes to repair and recovery for the next day. The single most important factor in lean muscle growth is repair and recovery.  Facing the day to day grind your body becomes overworked with stress, exercise, and overall breakdown leading to a catabolic effect. During the sleep cycle, paradoxical sleep is the desired stage in which the repair begins to take place aiding in natural GH release, balancing cortisol levels, rebuilding and recharging your body to prepare for the next day.  No more messy powders before bedtime, Tranquil PM utilizes a one capsule serving with a synergistic blend of the most effective natural ingredients to support restful sleep and relaxation to restart the next day fresh. 

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