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These are some of my favorite exercises for building ROCK HARD muscle. These are not for the weak! Every set gets heavier as you go and make your reps slow and smooth with proper contractions, it’s all about the mind/body connection. As you learn how to hold and wrench your contraction you can speed up your reps, even using "CONTROLLED CHEATING" Methods (Ask me about this), but never be sloppy!

1 to 3 minute breaks (MAX) in between sets only to stretch and drink water. NO sitting around, NO bullshitting, NO cellphones!

You can start your exercises with a (few) warm up sets of 20 or more reps, but once the muscle is warm you should add weight on each set. Keep all your "WORKING" sets in the 6 to 12 rep range TO FAILURE. 

You can also incorporate and or END your exercises with burn out sets, super sets & drop sets. (Ask me about these). Your MAIN GOAL is to Make that muscle scream & NOTHING does it better then HIGH VOLUME! Never forget, time under weight builds muscle, SO OPTIMIZE the time you have. 

Lastly, work through a full range of motion on every exercise, (insertion to insertion). Unless you have an injury that prevents it. This is Body Building.


Bench press/Incline or flat (Barbell) - 4-5 sets
Bench press/Incline or flat (Dumbell) - 4-5 sets
Flys (Dumbell, Incline or flat) - 4-5 sets
Flys (Cable/High and or low) - 4-5 sets



Lat Pulldowns, Widegrip - 4-5 sets
Mid Row, Closegrip - 4-5 sets
Dumbell Rows, One Arm - 4-5 sets each side
Deadlifts, Barbell - 5 sets heavy
*Finish with 1 BIG Drop Set!


Smith Machine Press, Never behind the neck

- 5 sets + 1 BIG drop set at the end

Shoulder Press (Dumbell, seated) - 4-5 sets

Dumbell Lateral Raises - Front and Side Superset, alternating back and forth - 4-5 sets of each

Reverse Peck Deck, Rear Laterals - 4-5 sets

Dumbell Shrugs - One Big Superset, Walk the Rack

Start with your lowest shrugging weight for 10 reps then move up for 10 reps by 10 lb. increments. Repeat this until you can't get to 10 reps at your heaviest weight and then come all the way back down. No Break, ascending and descending set.



Seated Leg Extensions - 4-5 sets

Lying Leg Curls, Superset with:
Stiff Leg Deadlifts (Dumbell or Barbell) - 3-4 Supersets of each

Squats (Barbell) - 4-5 sets ASS TO GRASS, FINISH WITH A BIG DROP SET!

Leg Press - 4-5 sets  All the way down, All the way up (These aren't kneee ups)

Calf Raises, standing - Superset with:
Calf Raises, seated - 4-5 Supersets of each



Superset bicep and triceps for all exercises

EZ Curls, Biceps - Superset with:
EZ Bar/Skull Crushers, Triceps - 4-5 sets

Alternating Dumbell Curls, Biceps - Superset with:
Overhead Dumbell Tricep Extensions - 4-5 sets

Cable Cross Curls, Biceps - Superset with:
Rope Tricep Pushdowns, Triceps - 4-5 sets



These are some floor exercises I like to run back to back with no break in between. It's one big superset.

1. Double Crunches, lower and upper - 20 reps

2. Vertical Bent-Knee Leg Crunches, upper - 20 reps

3. Reverse Leg Crunches, lower abs.  Alternating bent knees to chest with straight leg lifts - 20 reps of each superset

4. Bicycles, alternating, obliques - 20 reps each side

5. Planks on elbows and toes, core - Do these with an upward crunch for 20 reps then hold straight for 20 count.

Remember: These exercises are all about the contractions, not the reps. Repeat this Superset 3 to 5 times. Make those abs scream!